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If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, call US Auto Recycling to come pick up your car for cash. We are a Dallas junk car buyer that buys all cars, trucks, SUVs, and mini vans. If you want to get the most cash out of your car, then you have found the right partner! 
USAR is a holistic auto-recycling facility. Our goal is to preserve the value of a car as much as possible. Reusing and recycling the maximum amount of material making up a car means that less plastic, glass, rubber, and metal ends up in landfills and oceans—something in which we can all find value. Our process includes cars that can be fixed, parts that still have a useful life, commodities that can be recycled, plastics and glass that we recycle and keep out of landfills, and more.
If you have a car or scrap metal you would like off your hands, contact us!
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